Manual for downloading PlayStation 4 games

After payment, you will receive details for downloading the game/s.

On your PlayStation 4:

  1. Hold PS button > [Log Out of PS4]
  2. Click [New User] > [Create a User] > [Accept] > [Next]
  3. Enter the details you received. And click [Sign In] (this account gets activated as primary automatically)
  4. Enter the PlayStation Store, scroll down and select [Library] START downloading everything that interests you: 

  5. IF you are getting "kicked" of the account after sign in - use Alternative Download Method ASAP
  6. Sign out of the purchased account / Hold PS button > [Log Out of PS4], you do not have to wait for the downloads to complete
  7. Finish downloading the game/s on your OWN personal account. You can track progress at [Notifications] > [Downloads]:

  8. Play the game/s ONLY on your personal account.

After the download start, never sign in to purchased account. Do not remove it from your PS4 if you still need the game to be playable.

If you have any questions or any issues during setting up please contact us