Manual for downloading Nintendo Switch games

After placing the order you will receive account details for downloading your games.

Please note that it must be installed right after you got the details!

On your Nintendo Switch console:

  1. Go to [System Settings] > [Users] > [Add User] > [Create New User]
  2. Enter ANY nickname of your preference (not login you received) > [OK]
  3. Click [Link a Nintendo Account] > [Sign in using an e-mail address or sign-in ID]
  4. Enter account details you received > click [Sign in]
  5. Chose [Link] > [OK]
  6. Navigate back to home-screen and open Nintendo eShop
  7. Select the account you've just added
  8. Click on the profile picture in the top right cornereshp.jpg
  9. Navigate to [Redownload] menu and start downloads of the games you want.
  10. Go back to your own user.
  11. Wait for downloads to finish and play the games using your own account.

Do not delete the account after install.

Do not sign-in to the account after install. Do not use this account.

Do not change any of the account's details (email, login, password, etc).